Book-making at the Saatchi Gallery

Make a Book In A Day
at the Saatchi Gallery

t.b.c. Autumn 2013
(11.30am - 5.00pm)

On selected Sundays we are running book-making workshops at the wonderful Saatchi Gallery.

More details about the workshop can be found on the Saatchi website and on this website.

To book a place on the next course email: Francesca Wilson -

We can also arrange private book-making sessions at the gallery. If you have a ready-made group and would like to spend a day making books at this exclusive London venue please get in touch.

book-making at the Saatchi Gallery
book-making at Ustinov College
book-making feedback from courses at the Saatchi Gallery

"I've been beavering away at some books for gifts. Such fun planning and choosing and designing and PAINTING. A million thanks for opening a window on this world. Your web site is very helpful and as friendly as you are."

Marian (book-maker, March 2013)

"I want to do book-making every Sunday!"

Cecilia (book-maker, aged 9, September 2012)

"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed doing the bookbinding course yesterday at the gallery. It was one of the best art/craft day courses that I have attended, and I thought Alan O'Cain and his wife Juliet Lunn were a wonderfully professional couple who managed to combine fun with art in a great way which appeals to both artistic and non-artistic adults."

Christiana (book-maker, April 2012)

"It was a real pleasure to meet you both, and a very big thank you for such an fantastic time at the workshop yesterday. It was great fun and great company, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself and amazed at what I managed to achieve, and over the moon with my book."

Stef (book-maker, April 2012)

"I just wanted to thank you both for such an amazing day, I feel inspired to use my new skills, thank you!"

Grace (book-maker, January 2012)

"Thank you for a really enjoyable day. I keep thinking about it and how many more I can make. Now I have the email info there will be no stopping me"

Ida (book-maker, January 2012)

The Art of Books

Many artists over the years have used books to express creative ideas. A long tradition exists of employing the finest materials and inventive printing for bespoke editions of words and images.

At our studio we seek to continue that tradition. A BOOK IN A DAY course participants follow in the footsteps of Picasso, Gauguin, Warhol and many others by exploring ways to put art and text into beautifully crafted books.

A book is like a total work of art. It has an architecture, the characters are like stones, the paper is the material and the illustrations are the decorations of this edifice.

Aimé Maeght 1906-1981
art dealer, exhibition maker and publisher

Book-making in the Norwegian Fjords Baltic Sea ...

MS Balmoral

Tuesday 29th May 2012 ... we board the MS Balmoral at Southampton with 69 items of book-making equipment and materials and approximately 1350 other passengers as excited as we are at the prospect of cruising the beautiful Norwegian Fjords. We sail down Southampton Water in glorious sunshine, out into the Solent, the English Channel and onwards to the North Sea ... dreaming of the fjords.

On Wednesday news breaks that our planned route is now impossible due to striking Norwegian pilots ... we have been re-routed to Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Belgium!

A huge disappointment for all ... and we all feel like striking a Norwegian pilot. But ... everybody's upper lip stiffens in resolve to make the best of this situation ... which isn't so bad after all ... a beautiful ship, attentive and friendly staff, plentiful and wonderful food, entertainment and of course, book-making.

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Frogmore Paper Mill is where the recycled inclusion paper used on some of our courses is made, and where mechanised paper-making first began in 1803. The mill forms part of The Paper Trail, a visitor attraction all about the history of paper manufacture. View photographs of this remarkable heritage site (click image right).

We hope to be running some book-making courses at the mill in the near future.